Especially the requirement for environmental product disclosure (EPD) is increasing in tenders for products used in the public sector. For example in the Netherlands, EPD is now mandatory. EPD covers a wide range of products from building products to textiles and food products. The environmental product statement provides ecological criteria for assessing the sustainability of buildings for green buildings, with a competitive advantage. EPD also helps companies to market your products.

Three steps to your EPD

At the initial meeting, our experts define the technical and organizational framework together with you. Product selection, life cycle stages and system boundaries are determined on the agenda of this meeting.

In the second stage, environmental inputs and outputs are dealing with the life cycle process in the process analysis. In this process, the system is evaluated using the system boundary (greenhouse effect, acidification effect, depletion of the ozone layer).

The EPD is then verified by an independent auditor. We provide communication and coordination with the verifier. In the final stage, the EPD Certificate is delivered to the building material manufacturer and is recorded in the EPD database (Ökobaudat).

What Kiwa Can Do For You?

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) should be performed for EPD. Depending on the product, the LCA follows certain Product Category Rules (PCR). PCRs are developed by experts and this expert committee is organized by the program operator such as Ecobility Experts from Kiwa, working according to international standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804. Calculations should be made by LCA experts with existing LCA databases. After performing the LCA, the data will be transferred to the EPD plan and subjected to external verification by EPD, Ecobility Experts. In the next step, EPD results are published in EPD databases such as ÖKOBAUDAT.

Certified by Kiwa

EPD measures the environmental impact of a product. Different sectors use EPD. EPDs in the construction sector must be included in the sustainable construction process, so a company needs EPD to be a part of the green building certification programs such as BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, BNB. Kiwa EPD provides Life Cycle Analysis (YDA) for EPD verification and publication.

The advantages of an EPD at a glance

  • EPDs are important criteria for green building certification programs,
  • It is becoming mandatory in some countries, especially in the European Union,
  • Increase competitiveness - help you enter new markets and acquire new partnerships with EPD,
  • Responding to customers' needs - EPD allows you to respond to the needs of your customers.