We're called on to act as an expert witness by individuals and organisations for gas and solid fuel related issues.

Kiwa Ltd's Technical Director, Mark Crowther, explains the role of an expert witness:

'Whilst experts can be hired by each of the contesting parties, their only responsibility is to the judge, or the court itself. As experts, we’re not expected to be arbiters of anything discussed in the court. ‘We only have to answer specific questions to the best of our belief and ability.’ Clearly, experts may often disagree with each other, depending upon their own points of view and experiences. But they do have to swear an oath that the evidence they give is ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’. And, as everybody knows, each court case is essentially a battle fought to strict rules, which means evidence is likely to be biased. It is then up to the judge, and sometimes the jury, to listen to the evidence, read the transcripts and come to a verdict'.