Kiwa will proceed to verify the control, qualification and validation of the annotations made by the member of technical staff from the farm in the register, inspect the production and processing sites and verify compliance of the Handling Guides/Manuals depending on the destination country.

Operators who wish to export products in countries covered by these Export Campaigns.

As soon have the operators have been registered in the CEXVEG (computer program for specific export campaigns), KIWA will check the plots registered and proceed to create the inspection units in keeping with the protocol for the country to which the items are to be exported.

Three types of inspection are available, which will be performed depending on the export protocol to be certified:

  • First inspection: in this an appraisal will be made of the required documents provided by the Operator, and if the characteristics of the campaign make this necessary, a check will even be made on site of compliance of the specific export conditions. With the approval of this inspection, the status of the areas included in the registered inspection unit will be  modified.
  • Follow-up inspection: the successive inspections made before carrying out the final authorisation inspection.
  • Authorisation inspection: Final inspection to which any inspection unit will be subject.The result of this inspection will authorize the export or reject this either temporarily or definitively.

These inspections will be registered by Kiwa in CEXVEG computer program for validation by the regional authority. After the inspections have been validated by this authority a certificate will be issued.