Who is it for?
Owners of artificial turf football pitches;
Managers of artificial turf football pitches.

When do you need it?
At regular intervals throughout the life of an artificial turf football pitch.

Process steps
KwaZo (KwaliteitsZorg - [Quality Assurance]) is a customised product which can be worked out in more detail with the client. Generally speaking it consists of:

- A periodic visual quality inspection which includes, among other things, checking for loose 
seams, contamination (by algae, for example) and wear of the pitch; 
- A field measurement, which involves measuring various sports-related properties such as 
shock-absorption, skid resistance, ball bounce and ball roll behaviour as well as checking the 
layer thickness of the infill and the evenness of the pitch; 
- Maintenance and renovation advice;
In the event of any disputes about warranty conditions, for instance, Kiwa ISA Sport can act as an intermediary.

About Kiwa ISA Sport
Kiwa ISA Sport is the number one knowledge institute for sports facilities. We have been providing support on various aspects of the construction and maintenance of top quality, sustainable and safe sports facilities for over fifty years, mainly in the Netherlands, but also internationally. We have been part of Kiwa since 2011.

Kiwa ISA Sport is fully independent and has all the necessary know-how about standards and test methods. We have been actively participating in all national and international standardisation committees for years and are accredited by most national and international sports associations.