Other buildings, like colossal industrial buildings, often are made of sandwich panels, profiles made out of metal sheets and HPL composite wall panels. In order to prevent the metal skins from the occurrence of corrosion these are coated with durable polymers in all kinds of colours and with the intention that these colours remain fast-dyed. HPL composite wall panels need to be resistant to weathering conditions.

Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers delivers many services in the field of rubber profiles and polymer coatings and on all kind of other polymers that are used in the building envelope.
In the laboratories of BDA Test Institute all various tests on the characteristics of these products as well as system tests on the applied products are performed. Furthermore on site testing of rubber profiles for windows and doors on wind and water tightness is performed according to European standards.

Manufacturers and contractors of facade products, asset managers.

Testing of facade products.

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