Process steps

In order to arrive at a proper assessment of the condition of the facade construction, a visual assessment is accompanied by a determination and assessment of the facade’s composition, the quality and condition of the various material layers and the fastening method.
Kiwa BDA Testing (test institute) can analyse the materials, allowing an accurate judgement to be made of the remaining service life.
In order to improve the interior comfort level of the project or to reduce the energy consumption, building physics calculations can be performed to establish the thermal and moisture-related properties. In this way an assessment can be made to calculate if additional insulation may be interesting.
The results of the inspection are recorded in a report, supplemented by a photographic report. The recommendations relating to the maintenance to be performed are brought in line with the requirements laid down in the Buildings Decree and the relevant NEN standards.


After providing recommendations, BDA Geveladvies can record the repair work, maintenance work or renovation in a technical description or specifications and take care of the additional work for the tendering process. The following documents can be drawn up for this:
• Preparation of specifications or technical description;
• Invitations to tender; organising the pre-tender meeting and preparing the minutes;
• Assessment of tenders and contract award recommendation;
• Tendering;
• Construction supervision.