FairTSA by Kiwa: Fair TSA certification can be realized for agricultural products, cosmetics and handicraft products

What you want to know?

The Fair TSA standard covers the SA 8000 standard, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Fair Trade Organization (FLO) and the social rights, and the American Organic Standards (NOP-USDA National Organic Program).

With the Fair Trade logo, the manufacturer proves that it is ecologically produced without harming the environment and workers' rights are protected within the framework of fair trade. NOP and GlobalG.A.P. The standard covers a part of the Fair TSA standard.

With FairTSA, Kiwa BCS currently offers a number of Fair Trade standards including:
- Agricultural production
- processed foods
- personal care products
- Handicrafts

Certified with Kiwa

Kiwa is orginated from Metherlands and has office in Turkey and many places in the world. Under the accreditation of DAkkS (German Accreditation Agency), it is authorized to perform FairTSA certification with Turkish and / or foreign auditors. Kiwa Food, Feed & Agriculture has a very wide scope in the field, quality policy is to produce all solutions from one door to customers.

UPS / benefits

  • It shows that you are a company with ambitious, innovative, high confidence and high goals.
  • Reliable - Shows that you meet your expectations, provide your commitments, and maintain your competence.
  • It is proof that you are loyal, service oriented.
  • It is evidence of ecological, sustainable production.
  • It is evidence that employee rights are protected.