About the BDA Fatigue Tester

This test is among other prescribed in the European directive ETAG 005:2004 – Guideline for European Technical Approval of Liquid Applied Roof Waterproofing Kits.

The BDA Fatigue Tester is also according to annex 1 of the French CSTB document Cahier 2358 V2 (2008) – Classement FIT des étanchéités de toitures, (FIT classification of roof waterproofing systems).

The BDA Fatigue Tester consists of two plates provided with clamps to which two concrete slabs of 300 mm x 300 mm each can be fixed with one edge abutting, together with a means of opening and closing the joint between the two slabs at a rate of 16 mm.h-1. The amplitude of movement can be adjusted to 2 mm maximum. The device is provided with a cycle counter. The apparatus can be placed inside a cooled room down to -10 °C; the control unit should be suspended outside this room. The machine is suitable for testing according to the UEAtc-directives. 

The dimensions of the equipment are (l x w x h) = 1,7 m x 0,8 m x 1,0 m.
The equipment shall be placed in a cooling chamber and shall be accessible from at least two, but preferable from three directions. 220/230 V with 50 Hz electrical supply is needed.


ETAG 005:2004