• CEN/TS 1187 – Test methods for external fire exposure to roofs
  • NEN 6063 – Test methods for external fire exposure to roofs
  • EN 13501-5 - Fire classification of construction products and building elements - Part 5: Classification using data from external fire exposure to roofs tests
  • CEN/TS 16459 - External fire exposure of roofs and roof coverings - Extended application of test results from CEN/TS 1187
  • NEN 7250 - Solar energy systems - Integration in roofs and facades - Building aspects


A test roof is exposed to:

  • burning brand (basket filled with wood wool), or
  • burning brand (wood crib) and forced air flow.

The tests assess the fire spread across the external surface of the roof, the fire spread within the roof, the fire penetration  and the production of flaming droplets or debris falling from the underside of the roof or from the exposed surface. Based on the test result the roof tested can be classified.