Relevant to manufacturers or distributors of security (intruder of hold-up) products who want to bring such a product on the market.

The CPR describes the conformity assessment procedures that have to be followed before fire safety products may be placed on the market and how to act when modifications to such products are made. It also describes specific conditions, such as CE marking, Declarations of Performance (to type), Factory Production Control, etc., which manufacturers and importers will have to deal with. When a assessment is completed without non-conformities a Certificate of Consistency of Performance will be issued.

After the (initial) Factory Control Inspection, a report is made which states if the inspected product complies to the European standards and gives an assessment of the product performance. This report is legally binding in all countries inside the EU.

Some of the advantages that CPR provides:

  • Free circulation of products in the EU
  • Products only have to be tested once
  • Performance requirements are based on user demand
  • Allows for easier comparison of products with competitors

Telefication will help you throughout the entire testing and certification process and will take care of everything down to the smallest details.

If you want to obtain certification according to the European Standards in order to be able to bring your products to the European market en to ensure your clients that your products have high quality standards. 

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