The CertAlarm scheme goes beyond the legal require­ments and gives an added level of quality and integrity to the products approved. This labels CertAlarm as a true EU-wide quality mark helping clients to demonstrate compliance wherever they plan to sell their product in Europe.

CertAlarm offers a unique European quality mark based on third-party, one-stop testing and certification to EN 54 fire standards and EN 5013X security standards.

The CertAlarm scheme is a type 5 scheme according to ISO/IEC 17067, combining factory inspection, quality management review, product testing and on-going surveillance in one package.

Inspection or system certification according CertAlarm means that both your products and production facility are regularly inspected or retested. After the inspection a report is issued that states if the inspected product still represents the product on its issued certificate or - if not - what should be done to correct this. This report is legally binding in all countries inside the EU.

Kiwa FSS Products (formerly known as Kiwa Telefication) will help you throughout the entire testing and certification process and will take care of everything down to the smallest details.

If you want to enquire the CertAlarm quality mark to ensure your clients that both your products and production facility have high quality standards. 

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