Applications and systems

  • access control systems, for security applications;
  • alarm transmission systems;
  • CCTV systems, for security applications;
  • fire detection and fire alarm systems;
  • hold-up alarm systems;
  • intruder alarm systems;
  • social alarm systems;

The tests and severities to be used are the same for indoor and outdoor applications of fixed, movable and portable equipment.

The levels do not cover extreme cases, which may occur in any location, but with an extremely low probability of occurrence, or in special locations close to powerful emitters (e.g. radar transmitters).

For equipment using radio signalling, mains signalling or with connections to the public telephone system, additional requirements, from other standards specific to these signalling media, might apply.

The EN 50131 and the EN 54 series refer to the EN 50130-4 standard. To prove that a component is complaint to the relevant EN 50131 or EN 54 standard the EN 50130-4 tests are also applicable.

The EN 50130-4 is harmonized under the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC (EMC) and therefore necessary for obtaining the CE mark.

Normally a certificate will be issued after the testing has been successfully completed. This certificate provides market access to the European market.

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