Energy sector, each level in the gas column; from gas producer to gas user. Measurements relating to gas volume and gas quality. Main components, gas properties, higher hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, sulphur compounds (H2S among others), siloxanes, THT odourant.


Energy sector, gas sector, network operators, gas producers, parties that feed in gas, gas suppliers, energy suppliers, automotive sector, producers of green gas, producers of bio gas, producers of gas from degraded organic waste, purification companies, suppliers/producers of gas engines, oil companies, consultants, waste processing companies, water boards, suppliers/producers of industrial gases, suppliers/producers of power systems, suppliers/producers of central heating boilers.

Kiwa Technology carries out both qualitative and quantitative analyses of components of gaseous fuels (natural gas, LPG, biogas) or any other matrix gas, e.g. air. Given the analysis, it is possible to calculate the properties of these gases, such as calorific value, Wobbe number, density and compressibility. The table shown on the back of this leaflet lists the standard analyses carried out by Kiwa Technology. Please contact us if you need other analyses that are not listed such as water dew point, etcetera.

Kiwa Technology has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Rheinland. The gas analysis laboratory has been accredited for a number of activities by the Dutch Accreditation Council (ISO/IEC 17025, registration number L469).


Kiwa Technology provides an aluminum cylinder (of 5 liter water volume) and, if necessary, sampling equipment. The sampling equipment is selected based on the pressure (2 – 200 bar) and gas composition (clean or contaminated gas).

You can take the samples yourself.

The number of analyses determines whether Kiwa Technology provides the sampling equipment and one or more sampling cylinder.