Kiwa has been approved by the national authorities as a notified body for the Gas Appliance Regulatione). Our engineers can support compliance with any of these regulations/directives:

  • The Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR - applies to almost all gas-fired appliances except some industrial applications). There are significant differences between the GAR and the previous GAD, for example relating to risk assessments and meeting the 'state of the art' condition. You can read more about this in the news item 'From GAD to GAR';
  • The Boiler Efficiency Directive (BED) - applies to all domestic boilers;
  • The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) - applies to all gas-fired appliances carrying electrical components or controls;
  • The Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) - again, applies to all gas fired appliances containing electronics;
  • The ErP (Energy Related Products) and related Ecodesign and Ecolabelling Directive. In addition to the efficiency data confirmed under the BED/GAR, the ERP will also require proof of tapping cycles.

What Kiwa Can Do For You?

We provide gas appliance testing for manufacturers of:

Fires & stoves Heaters [radiant, overhead, patio, tabletop] 

  • Cookers
  • BBQs
  • Boilers 
  • mCHP 
  • Camping equipment
  • Water Heaters
  • Catering equipment
  • Fuel cell 
  • mCHP 
  • Sterling engine
  • mCHP Fuel Cell Systems 
  • Specialist Items
  • LPG appliances
  • Hydrogen appliances

Certified by kiwa

Kiwa is accredited gas appliances in Turkey in this field bears the distinction of being one of the pioneers in the certification. With its experienced staff and solution oriented working principle, it always provides technical support to its customers. It has always kept business ethics and ethics in the forefront and has not disrupted the neutrality under any circumstances.


  • Create suitable working conditions - you can create better working conditions by reducing risks,
  • Comply with the legislation - allows you to assess your compliance with the relevant regulations / directives,
  •  Ensure the safety of people, pets and property.