Gas-fired pressure cookers/boiling pans are mainly intended for manufacturers of industrial kitchen equipment.

An ultra-compact gas burner in the appliance produces steam in a generator. The steam flows to and condenses on the exterior surface of the saucepan. In this way, a uniform temperature distribution is achieved. The saucepans have an efficiency in excess of 80% Hi as well as extremely low CO emissions (< 100 ppm air-free) and NOx (< 40 ppm air-free).

Saucepans usually only have a limited amount space. Our engineers have created compact and efficient burner/steam systems that can be housed in the small amount of available space.

The pre-mix burner has a fast response and high level of efficiency.

The design phases that can be followed are (insert link to process steps):

  • analysis
  • draft
  • prototype

Product delivered ready for certification.