The measurement tools used for gas measurement are available in a variety of models and price classes. Kiwa advises suppliers and producers of measuring instruments on the chosen measuring concepts, the materials used and test procedures. In addition, Kiwa advises the users of these measuring instruments on management and maintenance practices and the way in which these measuring instruments should be checked and calibrated.

Kiwa also participates in various standards committees both nationally and internationally. As a result, Kiwa has extensive knowledge of the regulations and relevant standards and is capable of providing advice for specific gas measuring problems that is completely in line with those regulations and standards, and also with recent (technological) developments.

Measurement differences may arise when billing gas flows (differences between the purchased and sold gas volumes). Kiwa investigates cases like this in order to identify whether the measurement difference is caused by measuring errors, inaccuracies in the measuring instruments in use or by administrative errors. The results of this investigation can be used as a basis for corrective action.

Target group

Gas suppliers, gas network operators, gas measurement specialists, gas meter manufacturers, gas purchasers, central and local government