The provisions for exercising weights and measures responsibility and accreditation as an officially appointed weights and measures body are contained in the Meetvoorwaarden Gas-RNB (terms and conditions relating to measurement of gas for regional network operators).

Owners of (accounting) meters or metering systems, gas network operators, gas metering companies.

Based on these terms and conditions (Meetvoorwaarden Gas), Verispect supervises the system of systematic (random) periodical checking applied by the measurement companies in relation to all gas meters and EVCs that are in use. The checking system used by the management companies is described in the Reglement Meterpools (meter pools regulations) as drawn up by the Dutch association of measurement companies (Vereniging Meetbedrijven Nederland or VMN). These regulations identify all the tasks and responsibilities of the participating measurement companies, as well as further rules and regulations relating to execution of the activities associated with the meter pools. Kiwa Technology plays a coordinating and verification role in respect of execution of these activities. Kiwa has entered into a collaboration agreement with Verispect with regard to this coordinating and verification role.

As a result of this collaboration agreement, Kiwa Technology has a quality system at its disposal that has been approved and accepted by Verispect. Under the dictates of the agreement, Kiwa Technology verifies correct and timely execution of the activities associated with the Gas Meter Pool by both measurement companies and inspection companies. Verispect receives a copy of the reports on this subject.

Dutch measuring companies that are considering joining the Gas Meter Pool should apply to the Vereniging Meetbedrijven Nederland (VMN).