The technical expertise provided in this project is sought by utilities and innovators, often in government-backed initiatives.

What is the Opening Up The Gas Market project?

The town of Oban is served by a standalone gas network operated by SGN, making it an ideal location for such testing. All of the domestic gas appliances in Oban, ranging from 1950’s cookers to state of the art gas fires have been tested on a range of different gas sources to establish whether they can function effectively and safely.

The outcome

Almost all of the appliances have been proved to work effectively and safely when operated with gases of different chemical composition. Those few that didn't were largely very old appliances. The HSE are closely involved and the project won first prize at the 2015 Triennial World Gas Conference in Paris. The SGN website has further details.

The role of Kiwa Gastec

  • Project design
  • Appliance testing
  • Data analysis
  • Risk management
  • Technical advice