• Pipeline management authority
  • Gas network operator
  • Responsible gas installation contractor
  • Gas network administration department
  • Asset manager
  • Asset specialist
  • Risk specialist
  • HSE manager
  • HSE specialist

All network operators' gas stations with accessible spaces where hazardous explosive atmospheres may occur are subject to the ATEX regulations. Network operators should therefore ask themselves the following questions:

  • Have explosion safety documents been set up for all gas stations with potentially hazardous accessible spaces?
  • Have work instructions been set up for the various types of inspections (gas and electrical) that have to be carried out
  • Is a system in place for registering work and inspections that have been carried out (demonstrability)?
  • Do all accessible spaces in gas stations have the correct ATEX zone classification?
  • Does the equipment in gas stations meet the requirements for the applicable ATEX zone?

If network operators have any doubts as to whether one or more of the above have been dealt with completely, Kiwa Technology can provide the following support:

  • A Quick-Scan: this is an assessment to see whether your company complies with the ATEX requirements and, if this is not the case, all improvements that have to be implemented will be indicated.
  • Advice on the zoning in gas stations and ATEX risk assessments for equipment in gas stations, including equipment in use before July 2003.
  • Advice on measures to be implemented to ensure complete compliance with the requirements of the ATEX directives.
  • The drafting of various documents focusing on specific company situations.
  • Advice on non-standard situations and new applications.


Kiwa Technology employs a number of ATEX specialists who apply the latest insights in order to avoid under-classification or over-classification of ATEX zones. They also have in-depth experience in ATEX equipment requirements. This means they can provide advice on the suitability of equipment pre-dating July 2003 in ATEX zones.