Producers, System operators, representatives, retailers, constructors and installers.

When is this needed?

Products used for gas distribution and installation materials have to meet high standards. After all for products meant to be used in gas applications high quality and safety requirements are demanded. A certified product guarantees that these high quality and safety requirements are met.

For a manufacturer, the route to the GASTEC QA mark is as follows:

  • First you request Kiwa Nederland B.V. to conduct an appropriate approval test programme and supply the necessary samples and supporting informationWe carry out the appropriate test programme,
  • At this stage, we will sometimes be prepared to incorporate results already obtained at other accredited test houses
  • Having passed this first stage, we will then draw up a GASTEC QA contract to cover future production surveillance
  • Once you and we have signed the contract, you will receive the Type Test report and the appropriate GASTEC QA Certificate.

You can find all appointments on the page 'Terms, conditions and regulations'.

All changes/amendments regarding Approval requirements/Guidelines are posted on the page "Changes in Guidelines".

To qualify for a GASTEC QA mark, your product must meet a number of key criteria which were mainly formulated by those parts of the gas industry most directly involved with the products concerned - the users themselves. GASTEC QA testifies not only the quality of the product itself, but also to its production process. This is of major importance since it ensures constant supervision of the entire manufacturing process, thereby helping to prevent the manufacture of sub-standard products.

Why Kiwa?

GASTEC QA is an independent quality mark, issued exclusively by Kiwa. Approval testing is carried out in our EN 17025 accredited laboratories. The testing and certification scheme and associated procedures are carried out under the supervision of the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA), which ensures complete independence and traceability. Furthermore, our Board of Experts, which consists of several industrial parties other than Gastec, keeps a close eye on the quality level of the GASTEC QA mark and the underlying requirements. The GASTEC QA mark on your product is your declaration that the product complies with the highest available standards with respect to safety, quality and functionality. It is therefore an important, or sometimes even essential, signal to the market.