GMP + is the key certification scheme for the animal feed industry. It is not a legal obligation, but the sector has chosen this certification scheme to safeguard risks and prevent risks for consumers. GMP + requires that animal feed companies observe a quality assurance system that guarantees feed safety.

GMP + certification is possible for all links in the chain: from production to trading, storage, loading and transport. This approach guarantees that feed continues to meet the safety requirements at each link of the supply chain.

As well as Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) for animal feed, GMP + also has a module for Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA), for example for sustainable soy.

To widen the scope, GMP + certification can be expanded with, i.e. VLOG / GMO Controlled and SecureFeed.

The focus of GMP + is on livestock farming, but the scheme can also be applied to the pet food sector.

How does it work?

You can request a quotation using the contact details on the right of this page, or download the registration form (English - Deutsch). If you accept the quotation, we will contact you to plan the initial audit. If the audit does not reveal any issues, the GMP + certificate will be issued. This certificate is valid for 3 years. However an annual inspection is performed to ensure your system is still fully current.

Early Warning System - EWS

As a GMP + certified company, you may detect threatening situations regarding abnormal and (possibly) unsafe feed. In this case, notification is obligatory. Notification can be submitted using the form found here. The form should be sent by e-mail to You will then be contacted by us and/ or GMP +  with details of any further action that needs to be taken.

Click here for more information on the EWS procedure.