It is not permitted to sell and/or trade with the intention of putting on the Dutch market portable extinguishers in the Netherlands without this Government Inspection Mark.

For more information, visit the page 'Government Inspection Mark and the standards for small extinguishers'

Who for?
For anyone who intends to sell or trade portable fire extinguishers (up to 20 kg) in the Netherlands as well as for consumers.

The 1997 Portable Extinguisher Decree is based on Article 17, first paragraph, of the 1985 Fire Service Act. The purpose of this decree and associated European standards is that only fire extinguishers compliant with European requirements and demonstrated to be safe and reliable, are allowed on the Dutch market.

Hence, the consumer/user of a portable fire extinguisher purchased in the Netherlands and issued with a Government Inspection Mark can be confident that such an apparatus is intended and suitable for extinguishing fires as per its approval. The NEN-EN standard has been included in the decree. This ensures inclusion of requirements regarding safety and quality of portable fire extinguishers.

Process steps
A number of documents must be submitted when applying for a Government Inspection Mark. These documents are listed on the application form. Documents must be submitted in duplicate, of which at least one shall be an original or certified copy. We prefer to receive these documents in digital format. Scanned copies will not be processed.

As soon as documents have been positively assessed and invoice has been paid, Kiwa NCP will provide you with the Government Inspection Mark Number.

You can send your application for a Government Inspection Mark to

Why Kiwa NCP?
Kiwa NCP is a leading certification body for the certification (accreditation) of fire protection and security companies, also called Fire Safety & Security (FSS).

Kiwa NCP is an independent Certification Body that determines whether a company meets the quality requirements. A Kiwa NCP Certificate provides the occupant with a well-founded confidence in the quality of the certified company and its services, such as testing, commissioning and maintaining systems.