It is particularly important to distinguish between lime and cement bound materials; both of which are fine in their own right but simply not compatible. Over time, older constructions experience cracking, water ingress, other moisture related issues and salt crystallisation/surface disruption, often caused by well-intentioned repairs carried out using cement based material, over existing lime mortars. This service is typically for construction companies and individuals restoring and maintaining structures containing lime mortar.

Our services:

  • Match and replicate existing historic materials for restoration and repair
  • Identify the specific nature and type of existing lime binder (hydraulic, non-hydraulic, lime putty, "hot" lime etc.)
  • Calculate the binder concentration and mix proportions
  • Identify pozzolana
  • Confirm the composition and grading of the fine aggregate
  • Confirm overall characteristics and condition of the matrix
  • Quality control of modern lime based materials
  • Verify compliance with contract specifications
  • Identify cause of failure or sub-standard performance

We offer a full range of investigative sampling, testing and analytical services. Our highly respected, and qualified team of environmentalists, chemists and geologists provide a one stop service including comment, advice, assessment and interpretative reporting on a range of issues relating to historic materials.

We are a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No.0529) for our scope of accreditations.