The 'Hydrogen and the Natural Gas Network' course is designed for those with an understanding of the existing natural gas network and the principles of combustion.

Areas that will be covered include:

  • the environmental benefits of using hydrogen as a fuel
  • the principles of combustion and hydrogen-specific aspects
  • why different concentrations of hydrogen deserve consideration
  • the fundamental principles of the network conversion process from natural gas to hydrogen
  • the fundamental safety issues of hydrogen compared to natural gas
  • the fundamental principles of hydrogen production
  • how to store hydrogen
  • how to transport hydrogen
  • the principle factors relating to appliance modification for conversion to hydrogen
  • the economics of hydrogen production and use

Why attend the Hydrogen and the Natural Gas Network course?

Hydrogen is currently receiving considerable governmental attention, and yet many people in the industry know little about its properties and complexities. Some of the typical questions that are being asked will be answered are:

  • If hydrogen only has a third of the calorific value of natural gas won’t the pipes have to be three times larger and cost three times more?
  • How can it be odorised?
  • Doesn’t it leak from the pipes?
  • Modifying a boiler is surely very expensive? Can we manufacture dual-fuel boilers?

Attendance at this course will equip you with the facts to answer these and many more questions, and thereby enable you to concentrate on the real unknowns.

This course can be delivered at your location, or in our dedicated Training Suite in Cheltenham.