The I-GAS course is designed for people already working with gas-fired systems and equipment in an industrial setting.

There are 5 levels to the I-GAS scheme. Training for all levels is delivered as a mix of practical assessments and written exams. Level 1 is aimed at people with limited experience. Level 5 is aimed at industrial gas designers. We currently provide training for levels 1 to 3:

Level 1: Entry Portfolio

Level 1 is a limited-scope, entry-level accreditation which provides access to Levels 2 and 3 which has been developed for candidates with some gas work experience.
For new entrants coming into the industry to help with familiarisation of gas industry standards, legislation and procedures.
This course consists of theory based training ending with a theory assessment. 

Duration: Up to 2 days.

Level 2: Industrial Gas Maintenance

For candidates working on pipework, covering safe procedures for gas work, breaking into gas ways, repairing or replacing gas line components, strength test, tightness testing, purging & relighting end of line equipment.
This course consists of theory-based training and completes with a practical and theory assessment.

Duration: Up to 5 days.

Level 3: Industrial Gas Technician

For candidates working on gas burners, covering gas pipework, understanding combustion principles and equipment, combustion analysis and emissions, and setting regulators.
This course consists of some practical and theory-based training and ends with a practical and theory-based assessment, written assessment and practical assessment.

Duration: Up to 5 days.


Candidates applying for I-GAS qualifications are expected to already be working as mechanical fitters or installers, maintenance technicians or in other associated industrial activities where they are working around gas fired systems and equipment. They may already have domestic or commercial gas qualifications and need to enhance these with an industrial gas qualification, or they may have no formal gas training at all.
For those working towards an approved qualification with gas engineering experience, I-GAS level 1 should be completed successfully prior to enrolment of Levels 2 and 3.