Many IECEx member countries do not have additional technical requirements and accept IECEx certificates and reports without restrictions. Some countries are a member but do have additional requirements which have been disclosed in advance. Even countries that are not a member often accept IECEx (completely or partially), but there is no guarantee. More information about IECEx can be found on

IECEx has similar conformity procedures as the ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU). Also conformity procedures of the production line with the previous approved model is part of this system. Kiwa ExVision can certify your production quality system, where we assume the presence of an ISO 9001 system.

With an IECEx certification you have market access to Europe, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and USA.

Settling trade barriers

The key to worldwide market access for explosion safety is IECEx. We believe it our task and our ambition to, together with manufacturers, enable worldwide market access. We consider your experiences as input for our areas of attention. Not the formal procedures on paper, but the actual experiences of manufacturers.

If there are countries of high importance to you and certification is a difficult process, Kiwa ExVision is committed to settle any technical trade barriers. Usually it is a matter of confidence between our experts and the experts of the country in question. By investing in relationships we provide a good cooperation, trust and understanding. In short: Kiwa ExVision is your partner for a worldwide market with one certification process for all your export countries.

Test facilities

To manage turn-around times of explosion safety projects, Kiwa ExVision has built a fully equipped ATEX / IECEx laboratory. In our laboratory in Apeldoorn we are able to perform almost all necessary tests. We have sufficient capacity to avoid waiting lists.   

The main test setups are:

  • Two facilities supported by a gas mix installation to perform explosion safety tests for enclosures 
  • Spark test apparatus for evaluating intrinsically safe circuits  
  • IP test facilities for water and dust
  • Impact test set ups
  • Several climate rooms, ovens, freezers for endurance testing, temperature testing and thermal shock testing
  • Several equipment to analyse electronics and mechanics of your product.