It is applicable to organizations that produce food stuffs and want to demonstrate food safety and the legitimacy of their products within the framework of continuous improvement. The IFS standard is widely recognized by major retail chains across Europe.

IFS has developed the IFS system(International Featured Standards ) with HDE (German Retailers Association), FCD (French Retailers Association) as well as the member companies of the Italian Retailers CONAD, COOP and ’Federdistribuzione Union. Kiwa is accredited by IFS Food, IFS Logistics, IFS Broker and IFS Cash & Carry. However, we are able to provide audit services other than IFS Food through Italian and / or Spanish auditors.

What you want to know?

Certification for IFS is conducted by the Turkish auditors through Kiwa Cermet, (the Italian office of Kiwa). Kiwa Certification Services, Inc., orginate in Netherlands and has office in Turkey and in many places in the world. ACCREDIA (Italian Accreditation Agency) is accredited and has the authority to conduct IFS audits with a wide range of Turkish auditors in the IFS -Food standard. Kiwa Food, Feed & Agriculture has a wide range of certification services in the field, in accordance with the quality policy of a single door to produce all the solutions.

UPS / benefits

  • It shows that you are a company with ambitious, innovative, high confidence and high goals,
  • Reliable - Shows that you meet your expectations, provide your commitments, and maintain your competence,
  • It is proof that you are loyal, service oriented,
  • The IFS certificate is considered international.