Relevant to suppliers and users of polymeric materials.

Normally one has a good relation with his business relatives such as clients, suppliers or partners. However sometimes things go different from what was expected. Even then it is often solved easily by discussion between the parties involved. In some cases this does not work, for instance because there is a discussion about the cause of the problems. In such cases it can be very useful to ask an independent third party for help. Such help is more formally called arbitration. From an arbiter it can be expected that there is knowledge about the subject where the discussion is about, that there is enough distance to the parties to stay objective and that there is tact in handling such delicate circumstances.

 The Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers has a number of experienced people that have regularly shown to be able to handle such cases. Asking for help in an early stage can help to reduce the effects of such problems in such a way that after the process it is possible for parties to continue their cooperation.

We can help you referring product quality for all kinds of materials as there are: rubbers (both natural and synthetic), thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastics, thermosets and reinforced plastics.

The Kiwa Experts Centre Polymers has experience with all kinds of applications. We carry out projects regarding quality of polymer products in the gas, water, building, offshore, medical, food, feed and industrial areas.

An outline of our services:

As soon as a dispute tends to grow out of control.

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