In a large number of cases, it is difficult to estimate the added value of these products. Whether the product or service will actually lead to the envisaged reduction in costs or increase in safety in real terms has to be questioned. Benchmarking enables the objective comparison of new and existing techniques.

Producers or suppliers of new products, services or technologies also need answers to questions asked in connection with the introduction of an innovation. This concerns things like whether the innovation is actually as unique as the originators believe or whether it will be at all marketable. A new product or service acquires added value when its advantages are demonstrated by an independent expert such as Kiwa Technology.

Kiwa Technology can also play a role in developing innovations. Thanks to its unique knowledge and market position, Kiwa Technology can match the requirements of pipeline operators with the products manufacturers have to offer.If you are an engineer, asset manager or buyer working for a pipeline operator, or if you are a supplier or producer, you can call in Kiwa Technology for an independent assessment of any new technique.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier, Kiwa Technology can familiarise you with the standards and approval specifications with which your product has to comply. If your product breaks new ground and requirements have not yet been drawn up for it, Kiwa Technology can assist you in formulating the standards and specifications. Kiwa Technology can also have your product tested by existing independent laboratories.

For pipeline operators, Kiwa Technology can provide advice on the pros and cons of new products and services. If you opt to proceed with a new technique, Kiwa Technology can offer support in pilot projects or in its roll out.

A selection of the services we provide in this respect:

  • The organisation of demonstrations of new products/technologies
  • The preparation of summary or, if required, a global inventory of all "state-of-the-art" products for a specific application
  • Carrying out tests and research during product development and prior to certification
  • Carrying out market surveys
  • The formulation of product approval specifications.