Kiwa R2B is the expert for inspection and certification of fire alarm and evacuation alarm systems. Fire alarm and evacuation alarm systems, prescribed in building regulations worldwide, are an important component in fire alarm protection. Adequate fire alarm protection is an optimal mix of organizational, structural and technical measures. For example, implemented system technology shall suit internal and external alarm organization and, furthermore, the effect of structural measures on fire brigade accessibility or automatic detector actuation speed shall be well documented.

Complex Series of Measures
In short, adequate fire alarm protection is a complex series of measures that requires an effort from the suppliers of fire alarm systems, the occupant and the requiring party. Ultimately, this combined effort shall ensure that all measures implemented result in an effective protection. This complex series of various aspects requires an independent and professional assessment of its functionality.

Inspection Certificate Fire Alarm System

Kiwa R2B is best suited for an independent and expert assessment. As an experienced fire safety partner, through inspections we continuously monitor fire alarm and evacuation alarm systems for our customers, who range from SME’s to multinationals. Not only during planning and installation, but also when implemented protection measures are operational in practice. A Kiwa R2B fire alarm inspection certificate instils confidence to building managers and occupants. Obviously, scenarios can present themselves where only an assessment of the evacuation alarm system would apply. Kiwa R2B is also a most suitable inspection body for these scenarios.
Kiwa R2B inspections are both based on the CCV inspection schemes as compliance with standards. Kiwa R2B also conducts random inspections for certification bodies 

Why Kiwa R2B?
Kiwa R2B is a leading Inspection Institution in the area of Fire Safety and Security (FSS), providing services with expertise, flexibility, customer-focus and innovative attitude. We conduct inspections and provide training maintaining our fully independent, unbiased and fair position.
Kiwa R2B operates in a wide range of facilities, including health care, tunnels, logistical, industrial, (petro) chemical, data centres, airports, storage of hazardous goods and hotels.