Insurance companies often require a regular inspection of the electricity facilities and installations to minimize the risk of fire, accident and down-time in operations caused by malfunction of your electrical installation.

We conduct inspections with experienced and certified engineers. During the inspection we make sure that the facility has not been affected by usage and age, and that it has been taken care of in a good way and measures up to legislation and safety demands. 

You can easily locate your certificate of inspection through our system Q3Web on the Internet to make your administration and follow-up as easy as possible.

Typical objects

Electrical equipment and electrical installations e.g.:

  • Outdoor installations i.e. switchgears and substations
  • Temporary installations at construction sites

Benefits of Electrical Installations

  • Increases safety in your working environment
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Reduces risk of machine damage and down-time in operations
  • Reduces risk of operation shut-down