In all inspections we use random tests as appropriate to make sure your equipment is functioning correctly. We also check that the system is appropriate for its use; that it has an updated maintenance program and that the maintenance is being carried out with high quality, according to the program. After the inspection the owner will receive a report, which includes a conclusion of the inspection and possible actions to be taken.

Some of the inspections are prescribed by law and the equipment owners are responsible to follow up such demands from the authorities. Kiwa Inspecta also provides additional services such as plan audits, statements, conformity evaluations, condition ratings and smoke tests, which are tools that support ensuring fire safety even further.

Benefits of Inspection of Fire Safety Equipment

  • Increases fire safety
  • Helps to avoid costs caused by malfunctioning hardware
  • Follows up that your equipment is maintained properly
  • Ensures that your systems meet your legal requirements

Standards / Regulatory compliance

  • Authorities
  • Insurance companies
  • Fire Department