Construction works must comply with regulations outlined in the Bouwbesluit. If compliance cannot be achieved, it is possible to provide an equivalent interpretation to the Bouwbesluit requirements. This can be substantiated in various ways, such as application of smoke control systems.

Smoke control systems could, for example, consist of smoke and heat venting system, pressurisation systems or longitudinal ventilation and impulse ventilation systems. Each of these systems has its own application range, but share a common objective: to ensure that a smoke-free escape egress is created within a building structure - for example in office buildings and car parks. 

CCV Inspection Scheme
A smoke control system in a building structure must be certified based on the CCV Inspection Scheme for smoke control systems as stipulated by the Bouwbesluit. Kiwa R2B assesses the system in combination with other associated systems as well as structural and organizational measures in order to obtain a certificate of smoke control system based on the CCV Scheme. We are accredited by the Raad voor Accreditatie (RvA) (‘Accreditation Council’) to conduct RCS inspections, which assures our expertise and independence.

Why Kiwa R2B?
Kiwa R2B is a leading Inspection Institution in the area of Fire Safety and Security (FSS), providing services with expertise, flexibility, customer-focus and innovative attitude. We conduct inspections and provide training maintaining our fully independent, unbiased and fair position.
Kiwa R2B operates in a wide range of facilities, including health care, tunnels, logistical, industrial, (petro) chemical, data centres, airports, storage of hazardous goods and hotels.