How do the inspections work in the deregulated system?

Self-assessments are conducted and documented according to the assessment instructions for the certificate or type approval. The assessment instructions are normally included in the manufacturer’s quality assurance system. The quality assurance system does not need to be certified.

The self-assessments are supervised to the extent stated in the assessment instructions by the inspection body employed by the manufacturer.

Supervision may be provided by inspection bodies that are not testing bodies. Where the assessment instructions require samples to be taken, the inspection body will do this.

The manufacturer is then responsible for ensuring that testing takes place through an accredited body and for providing the results to the inspection and certification bodies. During the period of validity, the manufacturer may employ different accredited inspection bodies.

Note that we are able to conduct supervisory inspections regardless of which body issued the certificate or type approval. As accredited inspection body Kiwa is accepted by all certification bodies in the Nordic. We maintain the same policy and independence from testing bodies in our inspection activities as we do in our certification activities.

Scope of accreditation – inspections
- Concrete products, precast in normal concrete, lightweight concrete and aerated concrete
- Fire seals and fireproof cladding
- Construction products for wastewater
- Construction kits for internal partition walls
- Construction kits for self-supporting skylights
- Construction kits for roofing membrane applied in liquid form
- Cement, lime, and other hydraulic binders
- Doors, windows, shutters, gates, and associated fittings
- Metal fixings for attaching lightweight systems to concrete
- Metal products for construction purposes plus accessories
- Brickwork products
- Pipes, tanks, and pipe components not in contact with drinking water
- Products in contact with drinking water
- Products relating to concrete, mortar, and injection mortar
- Systems for mechanically affixing flexible and waterproof roofing
- Sanitary ware
- Chimneys, flues, and specialist products in this area
- Roofing, lanterns, roof-lights, and similar products
- Supplementary insulation with finished surface, wood-based panels
- Space heaters