IP SIGILL certification is open to all agricultural companies and companies that produce fruit, berries, mushrooms, potatoes, field vegetables, and greenhouse vegetables.

Within agriculture, there are production rules for cereals, oilseed crops, milk, beef, outdoor reared meat, pork, eggs, and chickens, as well as rules for the processing of these food products. There is also a similar system for honey called SIGILL Beekeeping.

IP SIGILL certification guarantees that the raw ingredients are produced at inspected farms in Sweden. Criteria are set concerning food safety, environmental consideration, good animal welfare, and the open Swedish landscape.

The standard has strict criteria for good procedures, traceability, and documentation, so producers, consumers, and retailers know that the food production is safe.

For the majority of modules, there is also the option of obtaining climate certification through supplementary rules. In addition, the IP standard includes Basis Assurance for pork, beef, abattoirs, livestock transport, and food.

Producers can choose between two ways of signing up to IP SIGILL: membership for the certification of an individual company or group membership. The group membership offers certification of a group of companies under joint management.