ISO 14903 is designed to characterize the tightness stresses hermetically sealed and closed components, joints and parts intended for refrigerating systems and heat pumps meet during their operations. It specifies the level of tightness of the individual component and its assembly as specified by its manufacturer. Generally the components concerned are fittings, bursting discs, flanged or fitted assemblies as described in relevant parts of ISO 5149 (safety and environmental requirements refrigerating systems and heat pumps).

Globally recognized heat pump test lab
Kiwa’s heat pump experts can help you with the type approval of the components mentioned above. This service is intended for manufacturers who want their products approved for application. Kiwa is a globally recognized and respected partner in the field of testing, inspection and certification (TIC) with modern in-house laboratories and facilities to test heat pumps and related systems. We offer all the services you need to keep your time-to-market as short as possible.

Accredited for wide variety of international standards
Heat pumps must comply with national and international laws and regulations, regulations and certifications. Kiwa is accredited for a wide variety of international standards. Besides the standard ISO 14903 Kiwa can help you with, among others, EMC and electrical safety tests, the ErP, RED, Kiwa Watermark, EHPA Quality Label and CEN Heat Pump KEYMARK.