Organized asset management consists of a well balanced combination of organizational, financial, economic and technical management, aiming to generate optimal value from physical assets. It covers the management of the entire life cycle, from design to decommissioning. ISO 55001 helps achieve this by enabling organizations to manage physical assets against risks. In this way you obtain optimal performance from your assets, at acceptable costs and measured over the entire life span.

ISO 55001 certification is of added value for:

  • Infrastructure asset managers (like roads, waterways, electricity);
  • Plant managers (like petrochemical, heavy industry, consumer goods);
  • Network and grid owners (public utility or privately owned)

Why ISO 55001 certification?
The added value of ISO 55001 can be divided into internal and external advantages:

Optimization of your asset management by:

  • Improving mutual alignment of crucial business processes;
  • Introducing risk-driven maintenance;
  • Making the decision-making process transparent;
  • Focusing on things that really matter: risks and opportunities
  • Creating a clear structure between company strategy and asset management.


  • The external added value of ISO 55001 certification is mainly to demonstrate an optimal organized and therefore continuously improving management of assets;
  • The fact that your ISO 55001 system has been tested by an independent third party is a benchmark and often leads to reduced supervision by authorities;
  • Supervisors and authorities accept the ISO 55001 as a suitable basis for a risk management system for your assets and therefore may carry out fewer audits. The importance of ISO 55001 is underlined by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs;
  • For asset owners who have outsourced the management to an ISO 55001 certified organization, the certificate offers assurance and transparency in management;
  • Finally, the ISO 55001 certificate will improve your image to all external stakeholders.

ISO 55001 certification by Kiwa
Kiwa's auditors can boast years of experience and expertise in the field of certification of asset management systems in sectors like infrastructure and utilities. Furthermore, Kiwa is an experienced certifier of quality management systems such as ISO 9001. This enables Kiwa to interpret the overlap between the various systems and to give substance to the audits in a practical way.