Scope ISO/TS 19880-1

The ISO/TS 19880 was developed to determine a minimum set of requirements for safety and performance of fueling stations that dispense gaseous hydrogen. In other words: what TS 19880 captures the minimum design characteristics requirements that a hydrogen fueling station must meet. This standard only concerns hydrogen filling stations for commercial use.

Complete hydrogen fueling chain

The ISO/TS 19880-1 handles all elements of the hydrogen fueling installation. In other words, the entire chain is included in the standard. From bulk delivery and production to storage of liquid hydrogen to purification, compression, gaseous buffering and finally the dispensers.


Subjects that are covered in the standard:

  • Risk assessments, safety distances and mitigation of risks;
  • Process control and safety systems
  • Hydrogen supply safety and operation for on-site production and delivery;
  • Hydrogen dispensing,
  • Equipment and components,
  • Electrical Safety;
  • Markings,
  • Documentation, inspection and testing.