Field of application / scope
The fire protection systems are intended to be used in buildings / storage locations with the intent of fire repression or -control. The following specific scopes are possible:

A – Watermist Systems;
B – Automatic Sprinkler Systems;
C – Gas Extinguishing Systems;
D – Oxygen reduction Systems;
E – Aerosol Systems;
F – Powder Systems;
G – Foam Systems;
H – Water Spray Fixed Systems.

Internationally applicable
The BRL K21045 for Testing, Inspection and Certification Fire protection systems has a module structure for fire protection systems based on international standards. Therefore, the scheme is internationally applicable.

Who for?
This international TIC-scheme for Testing, Inspection & Certification Fire protection systems is suitable for suppliers of components, suppliers of fire protection systems, suppliers of maintenance of fire protection systems and for end users.

With a certificate based on the Assessment Guideline K21045 for Testing, Inspection and Certification the fire protection system, you can distinguish yourself from the market.

When is it required?
Fire protection systems are crucial when it comes to people's safety. There are many different fire protection systems. Within this scheme Kiwa included the entire process from product to maintenance of the various fire protection systems in one scheme.

To be sure that these fire protection systems do what is expected of them, tests, company audits, inspections and assessments are are carried out on the delivered work. With a certificate, the end user can be confident that the installation does what is expected from it.

Kiwa NCP has drawn up BRL K21045 Fire Protection Systems for this.

Process steps
This international Testing, Inspection and Certification scheme includes all relevant requirements which are employed by Kiwa when dealing with applications to issue and for the maintenance of a certificate for products, processes and services used for fire protection systems.

Certification of your component or company based on the BRL K21045 Fire protection systems starts with an application, after which you receive a quote. On the basis of this quotation you can conclude a certification agreement with Kiwa. This is followed by an independent admission audit in which Kiwa NCP assesses whether the criteria for certification are met. If the result of the examination is positive, certification follows. If any shortcomings have been identified, you must resolve them first.

After the initial audit, periodic audits and inspections will be carried out annually to establish that the certified processes and performed work continue to meet the set requirements.

Certified companies
For certified companies, click here.

Why Kiwa NCP?
Kiwa NCP is a leading Certification Body for the certification of fire protection and security companies, also called Fire Safety & Security (FSS).

Kiwa NCP is an independent Certification Body that determines whether a company meets the quality requirements. A Kiwa NCP Certificate provides the occupant with a well-founded confidence in the quality of the certified company and its services, such as testing, commissioning and maintaining systems.