The Kiwa quality mark for COVID-19 preventive measures for the hospitality sector is for hospitality companies that wish to have their COVID-19 measures tested against the applicable (inter)national requirements and any additional sector or company guidelines. By means of an independent on-site assessment, the RIVM guidelines and the sector-specific requirements will be tested by a Kiwa auditor. This includes the provision of information (internal/external communication), purchasing and sales resources, visible measures and hygiene and safety.

Within the framework of the quality mark, Kiwa periodically carries out an assessment in which the company's protocols and preventive measures are checked. If the policy to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus complies with the applicable guidelines, this will result in a Kiwa declaration of conformity and quality mark. In addition, Kiwa's auditors have knowledge of the hospitality sector and will not only test with regard to the quality mark, but will also share their knowledge and experience, as a result of which the audit process offers additional added value.

Kiwa Covid-19 kvalitetsmerke for smitteverntiltak kan være et nyttig hjelpemiddel

The Kiwa quality mark for COVID-19 preventive measures is also available for, for example, hotels, shops, gyms, museums, cleaning companies, hospitals and nursing homes. Read more about this on the page COVID-19 preventive measures quality mark.

Create clarity and trust

The Kiwa COVID-19 preventive measures quality mark for the hospitality sector helps to create clarity and trust among your guests. Kiwa has extensive experience in carrying out quality assessments, including in the tourism and recreation sector, the healthcare sector and the sports and transport sector. Various organisations use Kiwa's COVID-19 quality mark to demonstrate to customers, employees and other stakeholders that all required measures are being taken to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In this way, Kiwa helps you create clarity and trust when it comes to COVID-19 prevention.

’t Amsterdammertje

André Gerrits, chef and co-owner of Michelin restaurant 't Amsterdammertje: "We have had a difficult time and we notice that customers are still reluctant. With this quality mark we give our guests the confidence to go out to dinner at our restaurant again. It is also very nice that Kiwa thinks along with the situation. The auditor had some very useful tips. We have made optimal use of the space in our restaurant and use a good ventilation system. We already knew that our way of working is in line with the measures taken by RIVM and the sector. The quality mark underlines this and makes it clear to our guests that we are ready to welcome them warmly".

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