Engineers, pilots, taxi drivers, security and healthcare workers and other professionals are currently demonstrating their competence with a paper or plastic permit or certificate. They have to periodically renew this certificate of personal competence at an independent certification body. One can think of medical certificates or digital driving license. Kiwa developed the new e license platform to make this process easier and to give employers and clients more insight into the competences of their employees. With the secure e-licenses that are created with this platform, professionals can easily demonstrate that they are qualified using their own smartphone.

Why an e-license?

The eLicense is the logical successor to physical certificates and permits. Advantages of a digital licence that professionals can install on their own smartphone include:

Tight security

The critical success factor in the use of digital licenses is information security. Especially when it concerns special personal data, including for example medical data. Kiwa's eLicense platform and smartphone apps will meet eIDAS Level High (Stork 4) security standards, the most stringent information security level apart from military-grade security.

Kiwa is supervised by public bodies (including the Dutch government Human Environment & Transport Inspectorate and the civil aviation organization EASA) and by independent third parties from the private sector (including the British Standards Institution). This allows Kiwa to demonstrate transparently to the outside world that it is compliant with applicable legislation and information security standards.

Due to the high security requirements that Kiwa sets for its platform, the e license service is also attractive for other organizations that want to provide their licensees, certificate holders, employees or end users with a secure eLicense. Like for instance a mobile driving license.

Kiwa’s e-licensing services complies with relevant industry standard ISO/IEC 18013-5.

‘Practice what you preach’

As an organisation that which operates on behalf of the Dutch government, Kiwa will also gradually provide its own database of approximately 700,000 license holders in the civil aviation, road transport and seafaring sector with an e-license. Initially, the digital license will serve as a supplement to the current paper or plastic license, but eventually the e-license is expected to replace the traditional license entirely. Since the e-licenses that Kiwa issues to its own licensees must also meet the highest security requirements, it is of great importance to Kiwa that the platform works properly and that its use is safe.

What can Kiwa do for you?

Kiwa is happy to discuss the options available to effectively achieve the social or business goals of your organization with an eLicence. This could include:

More information?

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