Suppliers of security systems can offer their security system for approval. Here fore they supply their security system e.g. for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles or operating equipment. It is also possible to request for an approval for mechanical security or track and trace systems.


 1. Submitting the necessary documents at Kiwa SCM
A fully completed and signed application form to carry out the testing should be handed in at Kiwa SCM. On the application form is stated which forms and documents should be handed in. It is allowed to hand in the documentation such as drawings and the commercial documentation electronically. Testing on electronic security and vehicle tracking systems will be performed by DARE!! Measurements. Mechanical security is tested by SKG.

2. Delivery of two complete products at the test house
The products should be delivered as they are in production. The use of prototypes is not allowed. If multiple types are offered, Kiwa SCM determines what types there should be tested and how much of what types should be returned. When the above items are handed in a test procedure will be drafted by Kiwa SCM and will be carried out by the test institute. Kiwa SCM will hand in the documentation at the test institute. It will take about eight weeks when the full test procedure has to be performed,.

3. Reporting
The test institute will report to the applicant and to Kiwa SCM. This is done in the form of a report in which the test states whether the product complies with the requirements of the test prescription.

4. Issuing approval
Based upon the test results, Kiwa SCM decides if an approval can be issued on the product.

5. Certification agreement
If Kiwa SCM has reviewed the test report, it shall issue an approval number. The applicant is therefore approval holder. The approval number is published on the website of Kiwa SCM. The holder will receive an Certification Agreement with the rights and obligations. They also receive the certificate of approval.

6. Ordering approval labels
The approval holder can now order approval labels at Kiwa SCM. They need to apply these labels on their products. These approval labels are equipped with a number so that Kiwa SCM installation companies can register the products for installation.

7. Conformity of Production
The approval holder will be asked to provide at least one product in each year. An application form for testing is required. On this product a selection of tests will be performed. The product must be delivered as if it would be installed into a vehicle. The installation- and user manual must be supplied.