LEAF works with farmers, consumers and the food industry in general. Many large retailers, supermarkets, food processors and food service companies are increasingly willing to do business with LEAF Marque producers.

The leaf logo can be seen on shelves of retailers and catering companies, giving a clear indicator of high environmental standards in the production of food, as well as reassuring customers.

LEAF Marque is a real commitment of the whole food chain, and one which gives the producer a genuine commercial advantage in the demanding premium and assured food markets.

Implementation and Certification of the Norm is a quality guarantee for your clients supplying British Market and for other markets where environment demanding systems increases. The option to use its logo “Leaf Marque” and the standard implementation is a way for adding value to your products as to help you on improving your productive systems.

Kiwa España offers you among other services, LEAF MARQUE certification, with the possibility to combine its audit with others as Globalgap and Tesco Nurtures’ and our auditors team years experience that will help you to improve your farm systems.

LEAF works with a view to balancing the needs of consumers, society, the environment and the farmer, by fostering sustainable farming systems through adoption of Integrated Farm Management (IFM).

In the case of LEAF MARQUE: the certificate will be delivered after vouching for compliance with 100% of the CFP type requisites, after the period for redressing any possible non-compliances found during the audit has elapsed.

The result of the audit and certified status is updated by Kiwa España on the web portal of LEAF Marque. A certificate from LEAF Marque will cover the production unit as a whole and not be limited to specific crops or other companies in the farming production business. To be entitled to use the LEAF Marque logo the customer must first obtain the certificate for the operation, issued by Kiwa España.