The manifolds are intended for use in piping systems for warm water distribution.

class 2

[ C]
safety factor/ temperature (plastic housing manifold)
Tmalfunction9520 hours1.0
Remark: the mentioned temperarture profile is in accordance with class 2 of ISO 10508

Procedure for obtaining the quality declaration 

Pre-certification evaluation

The pre-certification evaluation to be performed is based on the (product) requirements as described in this evaluation guideline, including the test methods and contain, depending on the nature of the product to be certified:

• type testing to determine whether the products comply with the product and/or functional requirements;

• Production process assessment;

• Assessment of the quality system and the IQC-scheme;

• Assessment of the presence and functioning of other required procedures.

Granting the quality declaration

After finishing the pre-certification evaluation, the results are presented to the person deciding on granting of the certificate. This person evaluates the results and decides whether the certificate can be granted or additional data and/or tests are necessary.