The CQM program has been developed by MasterCard in cooperation with numerous industrial partners, under which Telefication serves as a single entry point for the smart card qualification by MasterCard issuers.

Products, i.e. finished cards or card components, will receive a quality label when these products comply with the CQM requirements. An important fact is that the quality label is part of the MasterCard vendor requirements in order to be allowed to sell the cards to MasterCard issuers.


Telefication has experienced consultants who are ready to help you with all your questions in relation with IC production, module production, card production, smart card production & personalization.

CQM Audit Service

Telefication offers a diversity of certification services in order to obtain the CQM label from MasterCard where three main phases are identified:

1. Contract

Contract between vendor and MasterCard;

2. Consultancy-pre audit (Audit)

With the help of Telefication, the vendor is able to fill in all the necessary “CQM documents” such as PPVP and ICCP documents. During this audit the vendor shall receive a clear analysis of actions to be performed in order to receive the label from MasterCard;

3. Assignment by MasterCard:

After a successful audit, the vendor product and his premises receive the quality label. Our Lead auditor Axel Gase is the Audit Entity who is appointed by MasterCard to perform assessments in accordance with the CQM requirements. Telefication participated in the pilot assessments of STMicroelectronics and Gemplus arranged by MasterCard.

The primary contact of Telefication is Mr. Axel J. Gase, who is the Lead Auditor and Manager of Quality System Certification Services. In case of his absence you can raise a question per e-mail to us.

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