Manufacturers and importers of Photo Voltaic-modules who want their PV-modules tested according to theMCSscheme in theUnited Kingdom.

Manufacturers and importers who wish to market PV-modules or any renewable products on the United Kingdom market. In order to apply for feed in tariffs the applicable must be certificate according to the MCS scheme.

Just contact and Kiwa will exactly inform you about what they need in order to make a quotation. When given the order, Kiwa will guide you through the whole process and help with collect all the reports and documents. Parallel an audit at the factory location will be planned and carry out by Kiwa.

After positive results of the audit and review of all the documents, NQA will issue the MCS certificate and arrange the listing on theMCSwebsite. In case your PV-modules or any renewable products are not tested yet, Kiwa can carry out all necessary testing in our accreditation.