Relevant to developers of appliances and certifying bodies.

The automatic ETR combi boiler is a combination of the automatic ETR Central Heating and the automatic ETR Domestic water heaters, so it has the benefits of both.

The standard input range for Central Heating purposes is 4 – 70 kW and for domestic purposes the water flow ranges from 1 – 25 litres per minute.

On demand other ranges are possible.

Specs automaticETRcombi boiler

There are a few important specifications of the automaticETRcombi boiler. First, it has an automatic CH flow and return temperature control and theETRincludes accurate gas meter and water meters. It offers the opportunity to measure the electric power consumption, ambient conditions and the flow. Besides that, it can be completed with; CO/CO2/O2 and NO/NO2/NOx analyzers.

Instead of gas boilers it is also possible to complete theETRwith a oil boiler option. The user can then choose for performing efficiency measurements on gas boilers or oil boilers.

A supplement to theETRis the GASKEUR-NZ module. Domestic hot water appliances which can be combined with a solar system can be tested with this option.

With the automatic ETRcombi boiler it is possible to test according to the following standards:


If you prefer to have more specific information about the automaticETRcombi boiler, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information.

If you wish to perform accurate efficiency measurements on CH boilers in combination with accurate efficiency measurements on hot water appliances.

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