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About Kiwa's water cooling set

Kiwa provides cooling sets that can be placed close to the test boiler and form a closed circuit with the test boiler. An adjustable thermostat controls the return water temperature. The equipment is very suitable for 60°C / 80°C and 40°C / 60°C applications.

Kiwa’s basic water cooling set is small, mobile, easy to handle and the water temperature is controlled by a thermostat and thus compensating for fluctuations in the cooling water temperature. Basically the water flow is controlled manually, but optional an automatic flow control can be ordered.

The basic cooling water set is designed for a range from 4 kW to 50 kW. On demand other ranges are possible.

If you wish to test your boiler(s) frequently and want the water temperatures controlled to specified stable values. Besides, if you wish to speed your time to market, increase your control over processes, and, most importantly, save significant amounts of money.

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