Kiwa ISA Sport has a software application which enables trend analyses to be carried out of relevant properties at field level. As this provides a better insight it leads to a longer life, increased clarity about product functionality and improved safety.

Who is it for?
- Owners of playing fields;
- Managers of playing fields;
- Asset Managers;
- Building contractors / manufacturers.

When do you need it?
Owner / Manager / Asset Manager
If you want to get a better insight into the changes in quality of your playing fields;
If you want to have (more) control over outsourced maintenance;
If you want to combine all the available data about your playing fields in a single system.

Building contractors / manufacturers
If you want to get a better insight into the changes in quality of products used.

Process steps
- Subscribe for a license, followed by training in the use of the product;
- Once only: load statistical data (identify and specify fields);
- Continuously: load dynamic data (measurable aspects);
- Perform trend analyses, possibly followed by;
- Corrective actions.

About Kiwa ISA Sport
Kiwa ISA Sport is the number one knowledge institute for sports facilities. We have been providing support on various aspects of the construction and maintenance of top quality, sustainable and safe sports facilities for over fifty years, mainly in the Netherlands, but also internationally. We have been part of Kiwa since 2011.

Kiwa ISA Sport is fully independent and has all the necessary know-how about (artificial turf) playing fields. We have been actively participating in all national and international standardization committees for years and are accredited by most national and international sports associations.