The General Rules of Naturane are generic in regard to crop management in fruit and vegetables, specifically for each type of crop, in its own annexes. The specifications regarding fertilization, plant protection, use of herbicides and other sections may require mention. With this protocol, it guarantees consumers the quality and food safety of fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) Anecoop markets.

There are 2 options for certification:

  • Option 3 Quality Certification Program approved to Options 1 Globalgap, individual certificate for each farm.
  • Option 4 Quality Certification Program approved to Options 2 Globalgap, certification of producers groups (companies, cooperatives ...).

Naturane certification will enable transparency and provide assurance to their production process, minimizing the main food risks obtaining greater customer confidence and international recognition.

The certification process for Naturane protocol begins by compiling the basic data to be able to draw up an estimate (identification of the producer, crop, hectares, etc.). Should the estimate be accepted, Kiwa will proceed to register the producer in the GlobalGAP database, providing it with its identification number (GGN) in the event of not already having one. Kiwa will plan the inspection/audit on site taking into account the certification option chosen by the producer.

The inspection/audit will be performed by a competent inspector/auditor registered in the GlobalGAP database. If the auditing process is satisfactorily concluded the company will obtain the certificate, and if not, the auditor will submit Non-conformities and the producer will have to present its Corrective Action in at most 28 days in the case of renewal audits, or 3 months in the case of initial audits.

To obtain certification 100 % of E1 requirement and at least 95 % of E2 must have to be fulfilled. There is an annual certification.